Fox Sports Australia

  • Neymar to PSG: Look past the numbers: this is a top-class player who wants a new challenge, and is taking a huge risk

Everyone has to make tough decisions in their life, from business, to art, to music, but Neymar can rest assured knowing he made the right one. [Continue Reading].

  • How Bucks remains cool in the face of unrelenting pressure 

Coaching Collingwood is synonymous with pressure, you are hated by many yet equally adored — Nathan Buckley has eaten up the pressure. [Continue Reading].

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  • Are we ready for the second round of Stockton vs Ireland?  

It’s easy to identify Conor McGregor with his gregarious personality, Irish pride and devastating left hand – but in Stockton California’s Nate Diaz has has finally met his equal. [Continue Reading]

  • Football is a businessman’s game 

As much as the world game is played on a rectangular pitch with access to a boundless number of countries spanning the northern and southern hemispheres, it is also heavily governed by the cash exchanged between business owners. [Continue Reading].

  • The future of Mixed Martial Arts in Australia is bright 

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and although Australia is lagging behind, our foundations are strong. [Continue Reading].

  • Michael Bisping faces his greatest challenge 

Coming off the better end of a five-round war against Anderson Silva, widely regarded to be one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, Michael Bisping after more than a decade has finally acquired his title shot. [Continue Reading].

Above the Octagon (SYN 90.7 FM)

  • Above the Octagon Radio Show 1 Highlights: Will Conor McGregor fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.? 

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  • Above the Octagon Radio Show 2 Highlights: Donald Cerrone’s Shock Loss, Ronda Rousey’s Career & More 

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The Playmakers Vault (SYN Nation)

  • The Playmakers Vault Show 1 Highlights: Hawthorn’s Collapse, AFL Evolution & More 

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  • The Playmakers Vault Show 5 Highlights: AFL Fantasy and Supercoach Review 

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88.3 Southern FM Radio 

  • 88.3 Southern FM Radio Highlight: Drive with Karl Bianco and Jonathan Pertile 

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  • Drive with Karl Bianco and Jonathan Pertile 

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Jono Talks 

  • Jono Talks #4: Feliks Zemdegs (Speedcuber) 

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  • Jono Talks #5: Adam Jacobs (Stand-up comedian) 

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  • Weekly Highlight: Sarah May plays her song Let Her Go — Jono Talks  

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The Sports Epilogue TV 

  • The Sports Epilogue TV: Conor McGregor Faces His Rumble in the Jungle Moment 

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  • The Sports Epilogue TV: £89 Million for Paul Pogba Makes Perfect Sense 

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  • The Sports Epilogue TV: Manchester United Has Transformed for the Better Under José Mourinho  

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SYN Represent

  • The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference

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  • Will Australia adopt Nuclear Energy? 

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  • White Ribbon Week: Domestic Violence in Australia

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  • The beauty and flaws of feminism

Since Emma Watson’s speech to the UN last year, the awareness of feminism, and moreover gender equality, has gained enormous strides. [Continue Reading].

  • Marriage equality goes far beyond its legislative purpose 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have noticed that one of today’s more polarising ‘issues’ has finally come forth in federal parliament. [Continue Reading].

  • Seeking Political Vengeance: Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal leadership

It is the adage which holds true: “one week is a long time in politics.” Alas for the Minister of Communications Malcolm Turnbull, his political vengeance has long been overdue. [Continue Reading].

  • Changing circumstances beget broken promises

It seems wishful thinking to dial the port of call that political decisions, particularly in a democratic system, will benefit everyone. [Continue Reading].

 Fight Lyric

  • Money speaks volumes, and so does Conor McGregor’s power in boxing

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  • Fight Lyric: w/ Taekwondo athlete, Matthew Horrigan on the upcoming Whittaker and Romero fight 

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AFL Media

  • AFL Captains’ Day 2016 

A photo in many ways is meant to tell a thousand words and this was certainly the case.

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 The MMA Academy (Hex Fight Series 7)

  • The MMA Academy: Hex Fight Series 7 Analysis with Mitch Perkins and I — 10 December, 2016 

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 City Journal

  • Ballkids ready for Australian Open 

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The Coalition (Higgins)

  • Post Budget Breakfast 2014 

On Friday 16 May, five zealous senior economic students, Lorenzo Boccabella, Jonathon Dent, James Halliday, Peter Pepes and Jonathan Pertile, along with our supervising teacher Ms Samuel had the enriching privilege of attending the annual Post Budget Breakfast at the ritzy Crown Palladium room. [Continue Reading].