Journalism Tutorial Exercises/Hard News Writing

A Journalist’s Treaty 

Journalism and its many forms, has always appealed to me. Broadcasting, news reporting, opinion writing – and one could need another paragraph to explain (I know I do, but to avoid a lecture I won’t).

When you congregate the aspiring journalists of tomorrow in this class, it’s interesting to see just how alike but truly different we are.

Everyone has their own passions, which makes journalism so uniquely interesting! Some are interested in travelling, some are interested in fashion, but some people like me are interested in sport!

However, in saying that – I have produced political work for Centrethought and SYN Represent. I think politics is a great subject to study, because whether your left-wing, the middle or right; we begin to formulate our opinions on the world.

But most of all the competitiveness is what I thrive on. I love being competitive, and being the best I can be. At the same time, being respectful and supportive of fellow journalists. I think with politics, whilst bipartisanship is evident – it can often just ‘run through the motions’. For instance, deliberate Dorothy Dixers being brought up every thirty minutes in a Parliament session, to help a fellow party member.

Journalism is the opposite of that. No matter what topic, we are here to ask the hard questions; to get the ‘correct’ or ‘wrong’ answers out and into the public sphere.

I think this is why journalists bond more amongst each other than politicians. Sure we are competitive, but the mutual respect is there. Politicians claim to have ‘respect’ for one another, but when it’s time for the public to vote at the election polls – these members of Parliament being to show their true colours. As we found out in class, journalists are bound by the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance code of ethics. But even then, journalists never really ‘trash’ another reporter purely for the sake of it. The opposite could definitely be said about politics around the world.

And that’s why I was thrilled to visit three notorious places (captioned alongside the photos below) with my class group: Tom Giuretis, Lea Stevens, Cass Grimes and Julia Hoffner. Thankfully, I had a team to guide me to these places – as my sense of direction is not the best. All four group members were really nice, which made the task easier.

Journalism is so different – we are hungry to succeed but we are also loyal to one another. It’s a very strong value that not a lot of mediums have. The following photos are a representation of that.

Picture Credit: State Parliament Visitor. From left to right: Myself, Tom Giuretis, State Parliament Employee, Cassandra Grimes, Julia Hoffner & Lea Stevens. Location: The State Parliament.
Picture Credit: Tom Giuretis. From left to right: Tom Giuretis, Myself, Cassandra Grimes, Lea Stevens & Julia Hoffner. Location: SBS Offices.
Picture Credit: Tom Giuretis. From left to right: Tom Giuretis, Cassandra Grimes, Lea Stevens, Myself & Julia Hoffner. Location: The Melbourne City Council.

Hard News Story – Melton’s Railway Line 

Melton’s railway line requires urgent attention

Melton Leader

15 April 2016

Jonathan Pertile

The government and the opposition have avoided funding the duplication and electrification of Melton’s railway line, despite Infrastructure Australia listing the project as a priority.

Melton is one of Melbourne’s fastest-growing suburbs, growing almost four per cent annually, relying on a single-track rail line which barely meets demand.

Melton Mayor Kathy Majdlik, said the City of Melton “deserved better” and the community are campaigning through the National Growth Areas Alliance (NGAA) Fund our Future petition.

“Funding is too often dependent on electoral cycles, denying our communities adequate infrastructure which fails to accommodate for fast-growing outer suburbs,” Cr Majdlik said.

“In the lead up to the Federal elections, the online petition will gather the voices of those affected, they will hear them calling to get their fair share of the funding pie.”

The NGAA established more than one million Melburnians living in rapidly-growing outer-urban suburbs lack adequate access to transport and health services.

Western Metropolitan State Green MP, Colleen Hartland, said the congested train services in the fast growing outer-suburbs should not be tolerated.

“It is desperately needed so the booming suburbs of Melton and surrounds have access to regular Melbourne metro train services,” Ms Hartland said.

“This will free up already crowded train services. The rail line duplication would take a few years to complete. It is disappointing the Liberals and Labor have ignored this issue,” she said.

In Sky News’ podcast, Australian Agenda, the Assistant Minister for Cities, Angus Taylor said, “we need to invest more to reduce the time it takes to get to work, especially in the outer suburb.”

Ruth Spielman, Executive Officer at the NGAA responded to Angus Taylor’s statement, “it’s a step in the right direction, but what we really need is a dedicated infrastructure fund, allowing projects to be funded strategically and over the long-term,” Ms Spielman said.

A spokesperson for Gorton Labor MP Brendan O’Connor declined to comment directly, but said: “Federal Labor recognises the electorate of Gorton is amongst the fastest growing regions in Australia, we believe in the importance of investment in transport infrastructure now and into the future.”

SGS Economics and Planning projects Victoria needs $22 billion solely dedicated to providing sufficient infrastructure for growing outer suburbs, across a sixteen year time frame.

Hard News Story – Danielle Miller Court Case

Mrs Miller found guilty of stealing from a Greener’s Supermarket 
Lonsdale Leader
10 May 2016
Jonathan Pertile

A Lonsdale resident was found guilty at the Magistrate’s Court yesterday for stealing $7.95 worth of goods from a Greener’s Supermarket in Lonsdale and fined $400.

Danielle Miller stole a packet of ‘Sam’ bacon rashers and a block of tasty cheese.

The magistrate said she wanted to send a message and deter similar future offences, “I must impose a heavy penalty to protect the public.”

“I find it unacceptable in our society that members of the public have to pay increased prices on goods to cover the cost of those stolen by thoughtless individuals,” said the magistrate.

Jamil Rao, a store detective, said Mrs Miller could not produce a receipt, and offered no explanation as to how the goods came to be in her handbag.

Mrs Miller said the only plausible reason why the goods were in her handbag was due to a flash migraine.

“I suffer from flash migraines. They are terrible things which affect my vision.”

“That is the only explanation I can give as to how the goods came to be in the handbag. I must have closed it without realising the goods were inside it,” she said.

Mrs Miller could not provide a doctor’s certificate to prove she suffered from flash migraines.

 Hard News Story – Robbery Court Case

Ascot Vale man claims mistaken identity for the attempt to murder a Box Hill Pharmacy employee
Whitehorse Leader
18 November 2015
Jonathan Pertile

A 20-year-old man has pleaded not guilty yesterday in County Court for attempting to murder a 19-year-old shop assistant during a robbery at Box Hill’s Priceline Pharmacy.

Frank Singh, from Ascot Vale, has been accused of beating shop assistant, Maria Mardsen, with an iron bar, who needed emergency surgery at Box Hill Hospital after the attack.

Singh said he never visited Box Hill in his life and was “20 kilometres away from the pharmacy.”

Marsden was beaten across her head, and pushed to the ground before the robber ran away at 9pm on August 18.

Singh said he had never been in trouble with the law, but said “I’ve been a drug addict since I was 19.”

Police said a robber also stole $5000 worth of items from the Priceline Pharmacy, and ran away with the goods.

Marsden’s father Horace Mardsen, who is also the shop owner, left his daughter to lock up the store on her own.

The third day of the ongoing trial will commence tomorrow.