Broadcast Media

I have been involved with several radio and television broadcasts.



I was the producer and host of Above the Octagon on SYN 90.7 FM. In the following highlights, I mainly analyse CM Punk’s progression as a mixed martial artist.

The following radio broadcast is a select video highlight aired on 88.3 Southern FM for the radio show, Friday Drive.

With SYN Represent, I produced several packages on politics. A specific recording was exclusively devoted to the historic United Nations Climate Change Summit (2015).


The most popular interview for my Jono Talks podcast was with Feliks Zemdegs — one of the world’s fastest speedcubers.

The following broadcast is a review of the English Premier League and the unfair financial system governing it.

I interviewed Denis Shkuratov and Kacper Rosolowski from Submission Radio.

For The MMA Academy, I analysed, alongside Mitch Perkins, the highly successful Hex Fight Series 7 event which was seen by over 100,000 viewers.