A highly articulate and versatile media personality, Jonathan Pertile possesses a great voice for any audio or video medium, and is an eloquent writer. He has a strong passion for sports analysis, and is also very proficient in engaging with many other subjects.

Jonathan has consistently featured in the SYN Media Awards — winning the Best Sports Segment or Feature Award for his show, The Sports Epilogue TV. He has also been nominated as a finalist in eight distinctive categories.

His work has been published by AFL Media, Fox Sports Australia, The Roar, StoryMapJS, Centrethought, City Journal, and more.

Jonathan studied the prestigious Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) degree at RMIT University in Melbourne. During his time as a student, this was Australia’s number one ranked bachelor’s degree for media. Jonathan developed skills as a performer and creator, in radio, television, print, and online media. He is a lifetime member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, due to exceptional academic achievement. Jonathan will be graduating near the end of this year.

In his final year of study at RMIT University, Jonathan and fellow colleagues, Ruby Syme and Lauren Clark, created a digital longform piece about Australian police forces and mental health support.



As the host of The Sports Epilogue TV at SYN Media, Jonathan mainly televises through online platforms such as YouTube. The Sports Epilogue TV focuses on competitions such as: the Australian Football League (AFL), the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and the English Premier League (EPL). A Sports Epilogue TV piece (involving a green screen) was adjudicated as the winner of the Best Sports Segment or Feature Award by SYN Media.

As a YouTuber, Jonathan uploads a range of videos mainly related but not limited to sports. Jonathan has over 100 videos on his YouTube channel. Jonathan is the founder and co-host of From Melbourne to Madrid, which primarily involves sports discussions with Luis Andrés Mariño from Spain.

Certain articles Jonathan writes for the Fox Sports Media Academy, are published by Fox Sports Australia.

During his time as an intern at The MMA Academy, Jonathan was provided with the opportunity to analyse the Hex Fight Series — Australia’s premier mixed martial arts promotion. Jonathan interviewed Kieran Miller, who was involved with The MMA Academy, on his first professional bout. Jonathan was later able to interview the CEO of the Hex Fight Series, Trent James, about the promotion’s growth.

Jonathan interviewed one of the world’s fastest speedcubers, Feliks Zemdegs, through the SYN Media show, Jono Talks.

Jonathan hosted a mixed martial arts radio show labelled: Above the Octagon on SYN 90.7 FM. He analysed important bouts in the UFC and also provided his insights into WME-IMG purchasing the UFC for approximately $5 billion. Jonathan hosted the first show days after surgery for a broken leg.

The Playmakers Vault, which consisted of the on-air trio: Liam O’Grady, Jonathan Pertile and Michael Serpell, aired on SYN Nation — a digital radio station. Jonathan was also a co-producer, alongside Jack Missen. This sports show was approved by iTunes.

For The Roar, Jonathan wrote sports articles. In total, his work produced over 6000 article reads.

Jonathan composed extensive feature articles for Centrethought. He covered political and social topics and offered his opinions on subjects such as: broken election promises and the slow progress to recognise marriage equality.

In addition to this, Jonathan also worked as a political journalist for SYN Represent. Jonathan covered major political events, namely the historic United Nations Summit on Climate Change in 2015.

The Fight Lyric was created and hosted by Jonathan — this show covered combat sports. Matthew Horrigan who has represented Australia overseas in taekwondo, appeared on the Fight Lyric.

Jonathan made appearances on the 88.3 Southern FM Friday Drive program, alongside the radio announcer of the show, Karl Bianco. These segments centered on news events pertaining to federal politics and sports mainly.



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